Canadian photographer Steve Austin captures art through his lens. Based out of the Okanagan Valley, Steve travels British Columbia extensively to capture the beauty of his Canadian home. Steve focuses on a variety of subject matter from nature, landscapes, nature and tourism photographing the moments that evoking emotion and appreciation through his lens.  Named a “Rising Star” in the Canadian Landscape field and one of the “6 Instagram Photographers to follow”

The Okanagan’s beauty and climate draw a plethora of talent, offering this photographer the opportunity to partner with many avenues of business; such as Tourism, Wineries, Golf Courses and more.  Steve also has been displaying and selling FINE ART PRINTS to a worldwide audience via online art galleries throughout British Columbia.

For Steve, photography is a creative passion. The ability to capture a moment in time that evokes emotion is something he relates to deep inside.



Nature Conservancy of Canada Partner        Master Photographer in Fine Art        David Suzuki Foundation